What drugs will help to increase the intensity and results of bodybuilding training

The achievements of the pharmacological industry can affect the processes that occur in the athlete’s body after heavy training, and to prepare him for this training just as well, if not better, than the “technological inventions” of the sports nutrition magnates. So what can a bodybuilder be offered before and after training? We are not talking here about androgens and anabolic steroids, but about several other drugs, some of which are not doping drugs. Here we will look at them from a slightly different angle and in relation to bodybuilding. If you want access to this kind of medication, visit https://farma-shop.best/mast-e-200-mg.

Pharma: three simple rules

  • In order to better fill your muscles with blood during training, sports nutrition manufacturers recommend taking the amino acid arginine (more recently, the supplement “NO,” which is essentially the same as arginine) before training. But it is still better to solve the problem of blood flow by pharmacological methods, using preparations of pharma. It would be more accurate to say that it is more reliable. To solve this problem, for the blood supply, fit such pharma as actovegin or pentoxifylline. The first is more effective, the second is cheaper. Actovegin is available not only in oral form, but also as a solution for intramuscular injections (which, incidentally, are quite painful, this drug pharma should be introduced very slowly). 
  • Pharmacology, the drugs that represent it, are tightly integrated into the lives of athletes. So, the energy supply of the training process, which is impossible without these drugs, is also important. Here you can use either the adenosine triphosphate precursor inosine (riboxin) or ATP itself. Both drugs, this pharma, are available both as tablets and as a solution for injection (inosine – only intravenous drip, ATP can also be used intramuscularly). Tablets are still more convenient to use, but it is necessary to remember that ATP-Long is absorbed under the tongue. Intramuscular injections can be made immediately before training, the tablets should be taken 45-50 minutes before its start.
  • In order to better tune in to the workout, use caffeine. This recommendation is not new, but effective. Besides, caffeine is not anabolic steroids and not even a drug of pharmacology. So you hardly have to worry about side effects. It is just worth remembering that the so-called “energy drinks” contain very little caffeine, and that if you exceed the dosage of 500-700 mg caffeine can have an inhibitory effect instead of an excitatory one.

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