The most expensive guitar in the world

It is generally believed that the most expensive guitar should be produced recently (that is, this year). After all, there must be a lot of innovation in it.

For example, technological improvements, refined ergonomics and the like. But we were faced with very interesting data that simply astounded us. The most expensive guitar in the world is the most ordinary Fender Telecaster, which can be purchased at any music store. This guitar alone cost $ 2,000,700, while it is not coated with silver or diamonds. The secret is that the guitar was in the hands of Brian Adams, and in 2005, the Reach Out to Asia fund put up for auction this rarity, all painted with autographs of 19 stars: both Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger, and Eric Clapton signed it with their own hands , and Sting, and Bayan May and many other famous musicians. No matter how technology moves forward, the progenitors of guitar art will always prevail.

By the way, all these guitar signatures became an action to help the victims of the tsunami on December 26, 2004. The guitarists specially signed on it and transferred part of the proceeds to the needy.