Rock guitar

In this article we will talk about what a rock guitar is, its main features and varieties, as well as about the eternal question of choice.

Most often, this term means an electric guitar (see photo on the left). The electric model is characterized in that it does not have a cavity for amplifying acoustic sound. Instead, magnetic pickup sensors are introduced into the case, which read the sound of metal strings and transmit the result through the cable to an amplifier (column). Since there is no cavity in such a guitar, it will sound very quiet without a connection, which your neighbors will be incredibly happy 🙂 On the other hand, a good combo amplifier will more than compensate for this moment, and the pedals and effect processors will allow you to experiment with sound.

Key Features

An electric guitar has the same musical structure as ordinary acoustics, so if you have learned to play ordinary yard acoustics, then you can easily master an electric guitar. At the same time, there are several specific features. Let’s just point by point:

The absence of a resonant hole in the housing Does not sound without connecting to a speaker The presence of magnetic pickups and output to an external sound source Unlimited possibilities to experiment with sound. Note: in rock and metal, the effect of “overdive” and “distortion” is applied. Technique of the game. If you are going to play rock, now your best friend is a pick. It looks simple, but in fact there are many subtleties. Master the mediating technique, learn the basic riffs and voila – now you are a rock star 🙂 Cost – due to technical complexity, the average price of a rock guitar is higher than an acoustic one.

Necessary accessories. One tool will not be enough for classes. At a minimum, a tool cable, a combo amplifier (see right) and picks are required. Instead of a combo, you can connect the guitar to a computer or speaker system, but then you should take care of good software and adapters for mini-jack.

How to play rock guitar?

If you seriously decided to master the electric guitar, then:

You will need additional equipment: a speaker (combo amplifier) ​​and a cable for connection. The speaker serves as a receiver and sound amplifier. Consider acquiring a pedal or effects professor (see right). A lot of different sound effects are sewn into the processor, but the pedal, although it provides only one effect, is with the maximum number of settings and quality. A good combo amplifier is already equipped with a built-in processor or at least a “distortion” for rock sound. Do not forget to buy a set of mediators.

So, you bought everything you need, let’s say this is the standard minimum set of guitar + combo + cable. It’s all connected very simply: we connect the instrument and the combo via a cable, and plug the amplifier into a power outlet. All. In almost all combos, provide for the effect of overdrive (to get a heavy fatal sound). Now only practice. If you study independently, then download a good video school. At first, it is extremely important to pay special attention to technology – so that later you do not have to relearn. Improper technique leads to slow progress and fast fatigue of the hands.

Acoustic rock guitar

Sometimes this term means ordinary acoustics of the American type. This is a tool with a large case of the type “dreadnought” or “western”, a narrow neck and always with metal strings. Acoustics became widespread in America in the mid-20th century and became popular throughout the world. First, country songs were performed on it, then rock and roll and other genres. In our country, acousticians often perform rock songs. If you connect your musical dreams with singing, then the best choice for you is an acoustic rock guitar.