Left-handed Guitars – A Choice Problem

According to statistics, about three percent of people have a left leading hand. Our world is arranged quite unfairly towards them, because the vast majority of household items and other things are “imprisoned” under right-handed people.

However, the days of Soviet rule are long gone, and no one in modern times will force a lefty to hold a pen or knife in his right hand. The same applies to musical instruments. The pages of history knew many prominent left-handed musicians. So, for example, the legendary Jimmy Hendrix, who gave the world rock music in its new sound, was not at all constrained by his left-handedness. True, he played ordinary guitars, unlike the same ones, for example, Paul McCartney and Kurt Cobain, who used left-handed guitars at the peak of their career.

Left-handed guitar – difference

What fundamentally differs a left-handed guitar from a right-handed one? In general, nothing. They are a mirror image of each other. A cursory glance at acoustic classical guitars for left-handed people does not catch at all. And just taking this instrument in your hands, you will understand that the strings are installed in the reverse order – instead of the first, you will find the sixth, and instead of the sixth – the first. If there are no design differences, is it possible to remake an ordinary guitar with a left-handed one? Of course you can, although you may encounter some difficulties. But is it necessary? The left-handed guitar on store shelves took its place, to the delight of our unique comrades.

Setting a right-handed guitar to a left-handed person

For low-cost models of acoustic guitars, a trick with a hauling of strings will be quite simple. But this is only suitable for those instruments in which the string nut is made simply and symmetrically, which is quite rare. In this case, it is enough to peel off the part and turn it around so that the recesses of the reoriented nut correspond to the new arrangement of strings. However, the vast majority of expensive guitars have curly sills with a certain angle of inclination, and their rotation will not bring the desired result, or even completely ruin the original idea.

In some cases, you will also have to cut the landing grooves to the desired string size. In general, in many cases, to create a suitable nut, you will have to turn to the masters or to be smart with the nut. In the case of electric guitars, most of which are performed asymmetrically, this method will not work at all, since the position of the connector for the cord, volume control and other important details is designed for right-handed people.

Any manufacturer of musical instruments who cares about their left-handed customers, as a rule, produces left-handed samples of any model, albeit in limited quantities. Of course, the prices of such special instruments are slightly higher, due to their limited nature, but today you can buy a classical or acoustic guitar for a left-hander.

Need to buy a left-handed guitar

Is it important for a left-hander to play a special instrument? And is it possible for a left-hander to play a right-handed guitar? Some advanced musicians believe that the leading left hand is much better than the right. This is due to the fact that during the game on the right-handed guitar, the main load goes just on the left hand. It is she who is responsible for building chords and pressing strings, which is very difficult at first for a non-leading hand. Thus, lefties even get some advantage in terms of performing precise and complex movements. The right hand is given a simpler task – sound extraction. In general, with a little training, a lefty can equally well master the game on any guitar.