Heavy music as a means of relaxation

Some ignorant fans of popular music, almost with foam at the mouth, are trying to prove that heavy music has a destructive effect on the human psyche. Based on personal hostility to the guys in black, and being at the same time an ordinary crowd, for whom popular music (and exclusively Russian), is the pinnacle of musical creativity. As a rule, they give as an example the frightening results of never-conducted experiments. For solidity, sometimes, reinforce their speculation with some name. Preferably American, with only academic titles and regalia that are understandable only to them.

All this characterizes such people not from the best side, revealing for those who, even in pop singing, try to find at least the rudiments of musical harmony, their true face, and their detailed psychological characteristics.

In fact, heavy music, in the vast majority of cases, that is, with the exception of cases of frank banter (compositions parodying pop music, are quite complicated from a technical point of view, because you need to identify shortcomings, while not losing your style), is the result of intense creative work. Moreover, the main focus is not so much on the lyrics as on the musical accompaniment, on a competent combination of seemingly completely incompatible elements.

So, some performers record vocal parts on the guitar arrangements of classical symphonic works, and you get such a result, and listen at least all day – not the slightest discomfort, just an inexhaustible desire to do what you love. Whether it is the completion of a production car, or the upbringing of the younger generation.

So it turns out that listening to the next star, spinning his song on the radio, it seems that you are distracted from the monotony of some activity, but there can be no talk of rest, or rather relaxation, restoring your physical ability to live fruitfully. While the brutal sound of heavy compositions relieves stress, restores the correct biological rhythm, improves mood. The main thing in this process is to find out how this or that direction of heavy music affects the general physical and emotional state. And then, correctly use the information received, depending on the situation.