Children’s electric guitar

Children’s electric guitar is a very unusual and useful gift that you can give your child. Today on the market there are various options for guitars: from dummy toys to a real full-fledged tool for learning.

In general terms, an electric guitar for a child is a small copy of a full-sized electric guitar. Well, then you have to choose from several types, depending on the wishes of the child and your finances.

Types of Reduced Electric Guitars

Electric guitar toy. This option is closer to a toy than to a real electric guitar. Usually it is a small tool in a plastic case with a built-in speaker and many buttons, batteries are built into the case. By clicking on the buttons, the baby makes a sound or activates a game melody. Such guitars are made in a bright colorful design and will be a wonderful gift for children from 3 years old.

Hybrid electric guitar with speaker. Strings are already installed on such instruments with which you can extract sounds. The sound is amplified by the built-in speaker. On such a guitar as a whole, you can learn the basics of sound production, playing techniques and basic chords. However, you should not go to a music school with her – not that level.

Reduced children’s electric guitar. Such instruments are an exact copy of a full-sized electric guitar. They hold the line well and are equipped with electronics to capture and amplify sound through an external speaker. With a reduced children’s electric guitar, you can safely go to study at any music school. As a rule, the size of such tools is reduced to 3/4 of the standard. Rarely found electric guitars in the amount of 1/2. Size 3/4 is suitable for teaching a child from 7 to 12 years old, and 1/2 – from 5 to 8 years. Since smaller electric guitars do not have a built-in speaker, you need to take care of outputting sound to an external speaker (for example, a combo amplifier).

Reduced bass. Do not forget that electric guitars are also produced in the bass range. Usually they are equipped with four thick strings with a low sound, which is why they are called bass guitars. On sale, you will most likely find children’s bass guitars in the amount of 3/4. This is also a real tool of a reduced format, which is suitable for full-fledged training. This type of guitar is especially relevant if you want to create a children’s musical group. So, you have a pretty simple choice.