If you’re looking to pick up an instrument, the trumpet is a great choice.  It’s one of the most portable wind instruments, so you don’t have to carry around any cases that are larger than your biggest pieces of luggage. It also fits in great in many different bands.

If you practice hard enough, you and your trumpet can become part of an orchestra, jazz quartet, or even a rock band. Once you start listening for trumpets, you’ll find them in many of your favorite songs.

Once you’ve decided to play the trumpet, you need to find the right instrument to help you on your journey. You could rent a trumpet, but these days an affordable trumpet can save you money in a matter of months. There once was a time where a decent instrument cost an arm and a leg, but now budget-friendly instruments are better than ever. Still, you can’t just buy any trumpet. You work hard for your money; you deserve a trumpet that will give you your money’s worth.

You might think you can’t make the right purchase since you don’t know much about trumpets yet, but don’t worry. This is where we come in.

The modern world is filled with so many options that it can make your head spin. This is easy to see if you’ve ever taken a look at the sheer volume of trumpets on sale today. You could spend hours carefully examining each of them, but now you don’t have to. We’ve done the research and condensed all the most important information into our guide. As you read on you’ll find reviews of the five best trumpets on the market, tips for choosing the trumpet that fits your needs, and advice on putting your new instrument to use. Even if you don’t know anything about trumpets, you’ll be able to make an informed purchase by the time you finish reading this guide.