American guitars

Many people mean by American guitars instruments made in America. However, traditionally, the concept of an American guitar is associated with a non-classical or, as it is also called, a variety of acoustic guitar.

History of occurrence

Apparently, such an association is due to the fact that the first pop guitar – the dreadnought – appeared in the United States, at the suggestion of the notorious Christopher Frederick Martin. It was in his bright mind that he had the wonderful idea to modernize an ordinary classical acoustic guitar in order to get more sound and noticeably distinguish this musical instrument from others. This issue came to the fore with the advent of new musical trends such as jazz, folk and country, whose popularity was gaining momentum at the end of the century before last.Martin knew that the ordinary wooden bar of the classic and the structure of its bodies are not able to withstand the tension of metal strings, which should have given a more powerful and loud sound. He changed the direction of the guitar springs, placing them crosswise, which markedly strengthened the upper deck. But Martin’s main merit is that he was the first to begin securing the bar using an anchor rod. He allowed to regulate a curve of a signature stamp. The shape of this new non-classical guitar is called the Dreadnought.

The dreadnought, also known as “western”, opened up new opportunities for guitarists of that time, and today it is an indispensable and sought-after instrument in almost all genres of music. The non-classical guitar in the dreadnought body has a narrow neck and a large body. Its design is designed for a stronger tension of the strings than before the classic. Metal strings and a common chord technique suggest a frequent play by a mediator, in this regard, the upper deck is usually reinforced with a special protective pad in the form of a drop.

Country music

European settler colonists brought with them a lot of new things, including folklore features. Folk art, harmoniously developing and popularizing, eventually became a new musical style that finally formed at the beginning of the 20th century. In fact, country music is what we call “traditional American guitar songs.”The 1920s were marked by the significant influence of technological progress on culture in all its manifestations, and it was during these years that country music received universal recognition. The annual country festivals only added fuel to the fire, arranging for their existence a secret race of instrumental “weapons” among the performers. By the end of the 1940s, country music was stratified into many ethnically oriented trends; during this period, the emergence of blues, rock and roll and rockabilly. And, of course, throughout all this, the pop guitar and the electric guitar already widely used by that time remained the same companions of musicians.

Popular guitar manufacturers

The dream of most modern musicians is a real American electric guitar. Buying such a tool these days is not difficult, you just need to know where to go. Undoubtedly, the leading and most popular at present are guitars manufactured by Gibson and Fender; they will be discussed later.

Gibson, opened in 1902, was the first company to produce all-body guitars, now simply called electric guitars. The principles for making pickups for them were introduced by musician Lester Polfus; his name is associated with the most popular electric guitar of the entire line – Gibson Les Paul Custom. These guitars gained particular popularity in the 60-70s of the last century with the heyday of rock music.

Fender electric guitar is no less tidbit for those who know a lot about music. Fender launched the production of instruments in California in 1946, and currently occupies one of the leading positions in the music industry. This company is unique in its own way; It was with the filing of Leo Fender that the world’s first legendary Stratocaster guitar appeared, which largely predetermined the tendencies of guitar production for many decades to come.

No less popular is the traditional American acoustic guitar. In this area, Martin is an unrivaled leader, famous at the time for creating the first dreadnought-shaped guitar. The company was born back in 1786 and repeatedly faced almost insurmountable difficulties, but none of this was able to moderate the enthusiasm of the Martin family, and at the moment the products under this label are a kind of standard for the quality of acoustic guitars.

Taylor’s history spans less than half a century, but it confidently holds its position in the field of manufacturing acoustic guitars of the highest level and unsurpassed quality, skillfully combining the traditions of guitar craftsmanship and new technologies. Worldwide recognition came in 1985, when the famous pop musician Prince ordered a purple guitar from the company. Since then, many musicians have turned to the services of Fender, glorifying his name.