A comparison between Samsung Gear IconX and Galaxy Buds

The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event brought, as expected, in addition to smartphones, the announcement of new Watch Active, two Fit bracelets and a wireless headset Buds – all under the Galaxy brand. Samsung does not explain why they decided to abandon the Gear brand for their new wearable devices. Apparently, the rebranding is intended to emphasize the renewal of approaches to the development of these products and strengthen the interface with branded smartphones. There is more comparative information about samsung gear iconx vs galaxy buds.

The Gear IconX 2018 was an attractive touch-screen headset, large speakers, a built-in stand-alone player and fitness tracker, and a good declared battery life. However, in practice, users have faced not only the catastrophically short Bluetooth 4.2 operating time, but also the inability to connect to a PC, as well as the lack of the headset shutdown function, discharging at rest, first the built-in batteries of 82 mAh, and then the battery in a case of 340 mAh.

Despite general similarities, the Galaxy Buds has been substantially redesigned. The company pays attention to the quality sound from AKG (Harman) and support for SBC, AAC, Samsung Scalable codecs. Fitness capabilities are still preserved thanks to the built-in accelerometer and Hall sensor (position).

The exterior design features no shackles, reduced contacts for charging, and weight reduction from 8 to 5.6 grams. Built-in battery capacity has been reduced to 58 mAh in headphones and 252 mAh in a case (39.6 grams). But the latter has added wireless charging, which allows you to replenish the battery capacity even from the new smartphones Galaxy S10.

However, by switching to Bluetooth 5.0, and possibly by updating the platform, the company promises to increase the time of music playback from 5 to 6 hours and the communication time to 5 hours. The case extends both indicators for another 7 hours and allows you to charge your headphones for 100 minutes in just 15 minutes. But the most important thing is that the stated characteristics are true. Also users should be ready for the fact that the function of the stand-alone player is lost: now Galaxy Buds is just a wireless headset.

However, it is not so simple. Touch control is preserved, as is the proximity sensor, and there’s Ambient Sound mode for quick switching to external sound environment by long touch. The in-ear headphones are known to muffle surrounding sounds, but you don’t have to take them off to get a better sense of your surroundings. The retransmission volume can also be adjusted.

This is achieved thanks to the dual microphone in each of the headphones, one of which is directed towards the user and the other towards the external environment, and, of course, algorithms for noise reduction and voice accentuation. Samsung promises comfortable communication even in an environment full of foreign sounds. The company also declares the ease of connection to a smartphone, tablet or laptop – however, the characteristics indicate that only supports Android.

These headphones can be a good alternative to IconX, as they have significant changes and improvements. However, the disadvantage of these headphones is certainly the lack of a built-in player, which was definitely a very convenient addition. We have to accept that the new Galaxy Buds are just a headset for listening to music and talking. If you need a standalone player that is conveniently placed in the headphones, you should consider buying the IconX. Despite some shortcomings, this model will still be popular and can be a great option for personal use.